Top 10 Aaron Carter Songs of All Time

Top 10 Aaron Carter Songs of All Time (1)
Aaron Carter rose to fame in the early 2000s as the younger brother of Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. In 2006, the two shared a scene on the reality series House of Carters. Aaron Carter gained popularity among young listeners thanks to his four studio albums, and soon he was appearing on Nickelodeon, 7th Heaven, and even on tour with the Backstreet Boys. Without further ado, please enjoy our selection of the top ten Aaron Carter songs.

No.10  Crush On You

The song’s original version was released in 1986 by the Tonga-American family band The Jets. In 1997, Aaron Carter covered the song and put it on his self-titled debut album. In Australia and the UK, the song even made it to the top ten charts due to its popularity. Aaron Carter’s brother Nick is seen consoling Aaron in the song’s music video after learning that the only woman he likes is only attracted to sports.

No.9  To All the Girls

Aaron Carter’s final album, Another Earthquake, had some of his best songs (2002). The ninth song in our list of the top ten Aaron Carter songs is “To All the Girls,” one of those tunes that demonstrates how Carter’s music evolved.

No.8  Leave It Up to Me

Top 10 Aaron Carter Songs of All Time (2)
Top 10 Aaron Carter Songs of All Time

The eighth song on our list is “Leave It Up to Me,” which was featured on the soundtrack for the Nickelodeon television series Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius along with the songs “Go Jimmy Jimmy” and “A.C.’s Alien Nation.” Carter is given a boring tour of a space museum in the beginning of the song’s incredible music video. A different song video was added to the VHS and DVD versions of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. The song peaked at number 22 on the UK singles chart and was a huge hit with American teenagers.

Aaaron Carter made a triumphant comeback in 2012 with the song “Fool’s Gold” following a protracted hiatus that began in 2002. The song was released on April 1, 2016, and it can be found on both Aaron Carter’s extended play, LV, and 2018 album, Love. After years of working in the trenches, Aaron Carter showed that he still had a lot to offer, which prompted him to file for bankruptcy when he was unable to pay a $2 million debt. The song’s preview debuted on November 14th, 2015, and a lot of people were eagerly awaiting its release. “Fool’s Gold” reached its peak positions of #6 and #15 on the Billboard Spotify Viral 50 and Spotify Velocity, respectively.

No.6  That’s How I Beat Shaq

Given the song’s title, you might be curious as to how Aaron Carter outperformed Shaquille O’Neal in every endeavor other from singing. In this popular song, Aaron Carter imagines beating Shaquille O’Neal in a game of basketball. How on earth did he manage to? When Shaquille O’Neal personally contributed vocals to the song, turning it into a big hit, Aaron Carter fulfilled one of his dreams. The song, which was featured on the soundtrack for Hey Arnold, peaked at #96 on the US Billboard Hot 100. the movie.

No.5  Do You Remember

Our list of the top ten Aaron Carter songs includes the song “Do You Remember,” which is also one of his most underappreciated tracks. Do you remember why I walked on water for you? and other lovely words, along with a catchy beat, made this song extremely famous when it was first released.

No.4  Sooner or Later

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Top 10 Aaron Carter Songs of All Time

The song “Sooner or Later” introduced Aaron Carter to a completely new sound, and it was also highly addictive and catchy. With this song, you could tell that he had grown much and was working hard to get back in shape. The song can be found on the EP titled Love, which was released in 2016. There is no denying that the song became a huge hit due to its strong pop influences.

Aaron’s Party (Come Get It), Aaron Carter’s successful international debut album, was a great follow-up. The song “Aaron’s Party,” which peaked at #35 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and was a tremendous hit in the US, served as the album’s focal point. The song, which was a part of the arcade game European Dancing Stage EuroMix 2, peaked at numbers 51 and 71 in the UK and the Netherlands, respectively. In the catchy music video for the song, Aaron Carter hosts a house party while his parents are out on a date.

No.2  I Want Candy

On our list of the top ten Aaron Carter songs, the song “I Want Candy” from the album Aaron’s Party is ranked second (Come Get It). The song is featured in a remix that was published 15 years after the original. You’ll undoubtedly feel a lot of nostalgia when you listen to the remix. What a sensation “I Want Candy” was.

No.1  I’m All About You

Our list of the top ten Aaron Carter songs features the song “I’m All About You” from his third studio album, Oh Aaron, at the top. The song—possibly his most well-known—helped the album achieve platinum status with more than 20 million YouTube views. If you’re looking for a heartfelt song to express your love to someone, Aaron Carter’s “I’m All About You” is the perfect jam.


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