Chris Evans: 5 Things you probably didn’t know about

Chris Evans 5 Things you probably didn't know about (3)
Chris Evans has been in the spotlight for a while because of his role as the formidable Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Evans has been praised all around the world for his most recent Netflix film, The Gray Man, in which he costarred with Ryan Gosling and an ensemble cast.
Chris Evans has enjoyed some popularity due to his portrayal of the imposing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Evans’ most recent Netflix movie, The Gray Man, in which he costarred alongside Ryan Gosling and a large cast, has received acclaim from audiences all around the world.
Chris Evans calls Ryan Gosling “a Ken doll” in The Gray Man, which is *chef’s kiss*
Evans has played a range of roles since his acting career officially began in 1997. However, most of his earlier roles are largely forgotten because he only rose to fame in the 2000s and after playing Captain America.
Here are some little-known facts about Chris Evans that will teach you more about the charming Marvel actor.

Things you probably didn’t know about Chris Evans

No.1) Evans once starred in a Marilyn Manson music video.

In 2001, a cover of the Marilyn Manson song Tainted Love was made especially for the movie Not Another Teen Movie, which featured Chris Evans and other actors. In the music video for the song, the cast portrayed their individual personas.

Chris Evans 5 Things you probably didn't know about (2)
Chris Evans 5 Things you probably didn’t know about
Chris Evans played Jake Wyler, a football player who is dumped by the star cheerleader and joins a complicated plot to make a geeky friend the prom queen, in the movie and the music video. Although the plot may seem cliché, it was definitely the purpose when it was written.
Evans has previously spoken about his involvement in the video numerous times because it was one of his earliest works.

No.2) On set, Evans’ nickname is ‘Captain Little Ass.’

Anthony Mackie, who was also known as “Falcon Big Butt,” gave it to him. We can never have too much information about what happens on the Marvel movie sets, but Chris Evans is one of the more composed cast members of the Avengers.

Anthony Mackie confirmed Chris Evans’ admission that he had an on-set nickname by claiming to have given it to him when he first saw him working on Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The fact that the two seem to take the joke in good humor suggests where the on-screen chemistry between the Marvel characters comes from.

No.3) Chris Evans was rejected for a role in Spielberg’s West Side Story.

If you read any Evans-related news online, you probably already know that Evans has always wanted to write a musical. Despite his best efforts, he recently revealed that he was not cast in any roles for W

West Side Story because he did not fit the age range of the characters.
Evans did speak of his love of West Side Story and his involvement in the production while still in school. It doesn’t appear that he will fit into a musical, though, based on the roles he is currently playing. He claims that there is a good chance he will continue looking for a role in a musical and ultimately land the lead role.

No.4) Captain America wasn’t Evans’ first superhero film.

In Fantastic Four, Evans played Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, in 2005. Despite the fact that the film’s sequel didn’t perform as well, this is his first true superhero film. Contrary to popular belief, this is also his first Marvel movie.

Funny enough, Chris Evans has been in more comic book movies than any other actor on the list; the least recognizable titles are Push (2009) and The Losers (2010).

No.5) Chris Evans rejected the role of Captain America, twice.

Chris Evans 5 Things you probably didn't know about (1)
Chris Evans 5 Things you probably didn’t know about 
Evans reportedly needed a lot of convincing before deciding to portray Captain America and join the franchise, according to recent reports. According to his mother, he was concerned about losing his identity in the movie, which is why he didn’t want to be in it. The fame of the franchise has a downside.
But his mother was the one who convinced him to take the job. In addition, it is asserted that Robert Downey Jr. played a crucial role in getting Evans to agree to play Captain America. If not for all that persuasion, we never would have seen Evans grow into the star he is today.
Chris Evans, despite the fact that the most of his performances have been larger-than-life, has repeatedly demonstrated that he is a fantastic actor with a wide range. Since the beginning of his career, he has portrayed a variety of characters from diverse perspectives, and one such movie is the critically and financially successful Gifted.
The Gray Man, his most recent Netflix film co-starring Ryan Gosling and the Russo Brothers, is an action film that features some of his and his equally well-known co-greatest star’s moves.

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