10+ Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

10+ Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day (1)
Every year on November 11th, we set aside this day to honor everyone who has served or is serving in the armed forces of our nation. Unlike Memorial Day, when we remember those who lost their lives while serving in the military.
Veterans Day offers a good opportunity to inform the public about the sacrifices made year-round by service members and their families. In addition, the holiday provides activities for Veterans and their families that might not be accessible every day.
You can discover some of our top recommendations for honoring Veterans Day below. If you wish to review your history, you can learn more about the day here.

When is Veterans Day 2022?

Veterans Day in 2022 is observed on November 11th, a Friday. President Woodrow Wilson established this national day of remembrance, also known as Armistice Day, in 1919.

How to Celebrate Veterans Day

No.1  Veterans Can Get a Free or Discounted Meal

Most restaurants provide free meals or discounts to veterans and active military personnel on Veterans Day. Be aware that employers may require proof of service (military identification, separation documents, etc.), so make sure to bring it with you. It’s also a good idea to call any company ahead of time to make sure they offer a discount before going there.

No.2  Visit a State Park or Museum

Many state parks and museums provide free admission on Veterans Day. Check their website or give them a call to confirm.

No.3  Send a Card or Video

So that you can send the Veterans a thank-you message this year, start compiling a list of their names and addresses. As you continue to expand your list, make it a practice to distribute these each year. It doesn’t take long to send a welcome gift to a veteran or deployed service member. Take into account the following letter-writing guidance for military personnel as a place to start.

No.4  Organize a Care-Package Packing Party

Find out which soldiers are in need by contacting a nearby base or an organization like Blue Star Moms if you don’t know anyone who is currently deployed. Here are some ideas for what overseas service members would truly like to get in care packages.

No.5  Get Children Involved

Young children will enjoy learning about the holiday and its significance through a fun activity. There are numerous ways to teach children about Veterans Day, including coloring books and internet movies.

No.6  Encourage a Veterans Day Lesson Plan

The teachers should read this one! A timeline or quick writing task are also fantastic ways for students to learn about the history of the event. Consider hosting a writing contest with Veterans Day as the theme. Ask the school for more information about its requirements. You might find willing volunteer judges among student organizations, local veteran organizations, active duty military, reservists, teachers, or professors at a nearby university.

No.7  Invite a Veteran to Speak



10+ Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day (2)
10+ Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day
A great way to teach students about Veterans Day is by having them listen to testimonies from actual veterans. Asking a parent, grandparent, teacher, or other community person who is a Veteran to address your class is a fantastic way to get involved.
Do you not have any veterans to invite? Your local VA’s Public Affairs Officer will probably recommend a reputable guest speaker if you contact them. Many veterans who work at VA facilities enjoy the chance to interact with children.

Celebrating Veterans in your Community

Our communities have been improved by veterans. Express your sincere gratitude to your neighbors.

No.8  Thank Veterans in your Workplace

The simplest of thanks can go a long way. However, you are welcome to go above and beyond by taking a veteran from your place of employment out to lunch or coffee. Keep in mind that Veterans are frequently very reserved and loathe creating a big deal; small gestures go a long way with them.

No.9  Support Veteran-Owned Businesses

Veterans run enterprises in every town. Information on their business profiles is easier to access thanks to Google’s Google My Business profile. Usually, the indicator is a “Veteran-Led” note on the profile. Additionally, you might look up local businesses via veteran-run directories or ask around.

No.10  Make a Donation or Volunteer

Veterans who require assistance can get it from numerous organizations. On Veterans Day, think about giving to someone who has been harmed or affected by service.

No.11  Observe a Moment of Silence

A more intimate way to express gratitude is to pause for a moment. Every Veterans Day, there is the customary two-minute moment of silence at 11:11 a.m.

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