Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities

Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities (3)

Make the most of your holiday season by picking one of our top 15 enjoyable Christmas activities for both kids and adults. The holidays are a special time to express gratitude, remember yearly traditions, and spend quality time with loved ones. Additionally, we are making every effort to cherish these special times with our loved ones this year more than ever. We can all keep busy with holiday-themed activities like hanging decorations, trying seasonal delicacies, and sending Christmas cards.


With our best recommendations for enjoyable Christmas activities you can do with family, friends, or even by yourself, we’ve put together a Christmas checklist! Even though every family celebrates the holidays in a different way, we’ve compiled a list of innovative Christmas activities for kids and adults that you might want to try this year.
Whether you want to create new Christmas traditions by acquiring craft supplies and making unique Christmas decorations or join your friends and family for an ugly holiday sweater party, we have a ton of Christmas ideas you can use to prepare a season full of joyous fun.

The best part is that you may take part in these fun holiday-themed activities whenever you want—during the week, on the weekends, even on Christmas Eve. Mark this list as a favorite to start collecting memories! To get started on making the ultimate holiday bucket list, browse Shutterfly’s Christmas Store for Christmas cards, ornaments, decorations, kitchenware, and gifts.

Christmas Activities For Families

From planning a Christmas photo shoot to creating gingerbread houses, the following entertaining Christmas activities are ideal for the whole family. Simply choose your favorite from the list below, or use it as inspiration to develop a unique thought.

No.1  Take A Holiday Card Photo

Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities (2)
Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities (

So that you have plenty of time to enjoy the holiday season, prepare your family’s Christmas card well in advance of the season. There should be clever props, clothing changes, and hilarious staging of family members. Exist any rooms or locations in your home that could serve as a suitable backdrop? The more creativity, the better! Your yearly Christmas cards, texts to friends, video call backgrounds, and emails to extended family should all feature the finished image.

No.2  Visit A Christmas Tree Farm

Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities 2

The holiday season is primarily about creating memories, not buying a Christmas tree at the neighborhood megastore or a pop-up shop in the parking lot. Families might enjoy taking a trip to a Christmas tree farm and hand-picking the tree they think will look best in their house. In rare cases, you might even need to chop the tree down and transport it back to your car. We anticipate that the memory will last a little bit longer despite the lengthy process.

No.3  Decorate A Gingerbread House

Are you considering your possibilities for having Christmas this year at home? There is nothing better than a craft you can complete and consume! Many shops will sell kits for making gingerbread houses throughout the holidays. Usually, these kits include with everything needed to build a roof and four walls. You may make the gingerbread home festive and unique by going to the grocery store’s candy aisle and selecting a few distinctive treats that will go well with your child’s design. The youngsters will adore decorating the house with all of their favorite goodies.

No.4  Bake Unique Christmas Cookies

Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities (1)
Top 15 Fun Christmas Activities

One of those holiday activities that evokes pleasant recollections and a sense of nostalgia. Depending on their age, your child might be able to help you make the cookie batter. To include things like chocolate chips, coconut, cinnamon, or even food coloring, let the kids decide. Allow your child to act out being a pastry chef by selecting some cookie cutters with seasonal themes. The festive treats can also be served on special holiday plates.

No.5  Plan A Family Photoshoot


Do you need an excuse to deck out your entire family for the holidays? For a moment that will last a lifetime, organize a fun family photo shoot. Just remember to carry treats and hot cocoa to keep the kids entertained throughout the exercise. Want to share the best idea for a family photo with your friends and loved ones? Make a personalized photo Christmas card to send to your loved ones.

No.6  Host A Holiday Game Night


Get your loved ones together and compete in a nice manner! You are welcome to add an ugly sweater contest even though we’ve compiled a great list of Christmas games for grownups that also includes a few kid-friendly options to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Christmas activities like jigsaw puzzles, white elephant, and secret Santa are just a few that might start new traditions.

Christmas Activities For Kids

Choosing the ideal Christmas activities for your children might be challenging. In the end, you want children to experience the magic of the season, yet many activities are expensive or time-consuming. The following simple Christmas activities can be completed in the comfort of your own home:

No.7  Host A Christmas Craft Party


To start the festive season off right, host a Christmas craft party. Invite your child’s friends, organize stations with various games, and include a few seasonal foods to keep everyone nourished throughout the celebration. If you’re seeking for specific craft ideas, check out our page on Christmas projects for kids.

No.8  Write Letters To Santa


Writing letters to Santa is a time-honored tradition. For your kids’ Christmas party, use our letters to Santa generator and template.

No.9  Make Salt Dough Ornaments


A fun and easy holiday craft is making salt dough ornaments. You only need salt, wheat, and water to get started producing. Just keep in mind to reserve a craft table so you can clean up as you go!

No.10  Create Snowglobes From Mason Jars


Making snowglobes is a fun holiday activity, and kids make fantastic holiday presents. You can help your kids make the ultimate winter snow globe by using our list of ideas for mason jar snow globes.

No.11 Break Out The Coloring Pages


Coloring pages continue to be a favorite among kids everywhere. Because of this, we created a selection of Christmas coloring pages just for you. Visit our page and download the photographs for a delightful Christmas craft for the youngsters.

Fun Christmas Activities For Adults

Are you trying to find Christmas activities you can do by yourself? The following pastimes are excellent for an adult-only gathering or something you can enjoy with your significant other.

No.12 Make Spiked Hot Cider/Hot Cocoa

Looking for Christmas activities you can do on your own? The following activities are fantastic for an adult-only party or something you can enjoy with your special someone.

No.13  Set Up A Christmas Photo Booth

A great activity at any Christmas party is a photo booth. To start the party, choose a good holiday backdrop, add a few extras, such selfie frames, and set up a camera.

No.14  Host Your Own Paint And Sip


Over the past ten years, painting has become a more popular activity, and you can now take group painting classes that will guide you through creating a piece of art step-by-step. Instead of signing up for a group class, get a blank canvas, some paint, and a few brushes and practice your artistic abilities at home! On your computer or smart television, you can watch a variety of online video courses that can assist you in producing your own masterpiece. For even more fun, look for a tutorial that focuses on a seasonal theme, like Santa’s workshop or a winter wonderland.

No.15  Enjoy A Drive-In Movie


Drive-in movie theaters are returning right in time for the holidays. Look up showings of your favorite Christmas movies at any nearby theaters, such as Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, or Love Actually. In some large stadiums in important cities, the parking lots have been turned into impromptu drive-in movie locations. This is one of those fantastic Christmas activities for kids of all ages, particularly us adult elves.

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