Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs (1)

Nowadays, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the rapid success of Georgian rapper and singer Lil Nas X. It’s safe to assume that from the release of his debut studio album Montero, amazing BET and VMA performances, charity work, funny pregnancy images, and dressing up as royal royalty for the 2021 Met Gala, he has been frequently mentioned in the media.

But he has earned his notoriety: Lil Nas X is a musician who injects innovation, playfulness, and brave vulnerability throughout his repertoire. Although he appears absurd, he always has a point. Before they went famous on TikTok, he started out as an online personality who ran Nicki Minaj fan accounts, shared amusing videos on Facebook and Twitter, and made songs like “Old Town Road” for fun.
Since then, he has achieved several milestones, including becoming the first openly LGBTQ+ Black musician to receive a Country Music Association award, being listed among Time Magazine’s “25 Most Influential People on the Internet in 2019,” and being named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the world. Along with him, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and BTS are just a few musicians who best represent Generation Z in music.
Despite the fact that Lil Nas X is still relatively new to the music business, we have enough material from his most recent album to create a legitimate Top 10 list. After hearing Montero and his earlier works, here is our ranking!

No.10 – “Panini”

“Panini” is the second single from Lil Nas X’s debut EP 7, which was released just after the success of his breakout song “Old Town Road.” In this song about them, Lil Nas compares his old fans to Panini, the pink rabbit from the Cartoon Network television series Chowder.
In a brilliant thought, Lil Nas X emphasized the significance of the analogy. “Panini was possessive of Chowder in the show. She represents the admirers that adore you when you’re young, he remarked. “Once you’re in the spotlight, they don’t feel you as deeply. Not a diss, but anger and a desire for them to return are expressed in the song toward that fan.

Despite the song’s perhaps simple lyrics, we love the track’s deep bass tones, intense techno synths, and trap accompaniment. Also, if you enjoy science fiction or the Blade Runner movies, you should see Lil Nas X’s music video for “Panini.”

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 1

No.9 – “HOLIDAY”

The holiday season officially started when Lil Nas X released this catchy song. With a pounding bass and energetic melody, “HOLIDAY” is a lovely little song to play in the background during your upcoming holiday celebration.
The lyric “hoes on hoes,” which makes reference to both the partygoers Lil Nas hangs out with and the catchphrase “ho ho ho” employed by Santa Claus, is one example of the ridiculous wordplay that can be found in the song. Speaking of Santa, Lil Nas X’s futuristic Santa Claus costume makes the song’s music video a huge hit with listeners. Who else would like to take a ride in the sports car sleigh?

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 2

No.8 – “Rodeo (feat. Cardi B)”

Compared to “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X’s song “Rodeo” is less ridiculous and campy. It skillfully fuses hip-hop and trap beats with country tones. It also conveys a deeper meaning.
The 7 EP song “Rodeo” is about Lil Nas’s effort to keep up a relationship with an extremely dependent lover. The scenario grows tumultuous when Lil Nas’ increasing fame enters the picture.

During the second verse of the song’s original version, Cardi B makes a memorable guest appearance. The “Rodeo” remix was a dream come true for Lil Nas. The Queens MC known by his stage name Nas made an appearance on it. The two gave a live performance of their rendition of the song at the 2020 Grammy Awards before making it streamable a little while later.

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 3

No.7 – “Old Town Road (Remix)”

It pains us to rank “Old Town Road” lower on the list considering that it was the song that contributed to Lil Nas X’s fame. We have to take into account his new musical direction and his current initiatives to position himself as a more “serious” artist, though. As Lil Nas quipped on his Montero Show skit, the “Old Town Road” era is something he is deliberately trying to move away from.

But failing to mention this wildly popular song would be a sin. What more can be said about “Old Town Road” than has already been said? After obtaining the Nine Inch Nails-inspired track from Dutch producer YoungKio for $30, Lil Nas X worked on it in a small Atlanta studio. Following that, the song became increasingly popular on Twitter. finally, TikTok. then across the entire world. When Billy Ray Cyrus eventually learned about it, they collaborated to produce a Grammy-winning version.

Since “Old Town Road” was controversially dropped from the Billboard country charts in 2019, it has sparked debates over strange genre fusions. Despite the tragedy, this song recently became the first to be certified 15 times platinum, and it has held the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 since the chart’s inception in 1958 for the longest period of time.

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 4

No.6 – “SCOOP (feat. Doja Cat)”

our top ten list’s first song by Montero! Lil Nas X talks about his ambition to always be in the press limelight and his goal to keep himself in top physical form in the song “SCOOP,” which has a memorable chorus. Also mentioned by Lil Nas is grabbing up or scooping up someone to play with.

On “SCOOP,” Doja Cat makes an appearance as a guest where she also talks about how her dedication to performance has given her a lean, gorgeous body. In addition, Lil Nas X makes reference to his 2018 Soundcloud debut mixtape NASARATI. Around the time he teased this song, he also rapped about his homosexuality for the first time since the line “I ain’t talkin’ firearms when I ask where your d—k at” in his 2019 song “C7osure (You Like).

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 5


On “TALES OF DOMINICA,” Lil Nas X’s moving vocals are complimented by lovely guitar strumming. It’s a frightened, contemplative song that talks about unpleasant families, bad times, and the pessimism that people could feel under trying situations.

One of Lil Nas X’s more heartfelt songs, it deepens a debut that was already intimate. The line, “Can’t go running back to home, I can’t face her face,” particularly hits home considering that Lil Nas had to abandon his mother when he was a little boy. We appreciate the song’s lyrics, “I’ve been living on an island constructed from trust.” He moved with his dad from his mother and grandma’s home to Austell, Georgia when he was 9 years old, following his parent’s divorce and the determination that his mother’s addiction was a problem.

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 6


A recent music video for the lively song “THAT’S WHAT I WANT,” which is about Lil Nas X’s desire for love and gained popularity quickly after Montero’s release, may be seen below. Although the lyrics of the song make the thoughts seem straightforward, they are anything but. You know it’s harder to find in these times,” Lil Nas X says in reference to how hookup culture and the COVID-19 pandemic have made it more challenging for people to have fulfilling relationships in modern society.

Additionally, this song has gained more traction in Lil Nas’s discography thanks to the seductive Brokeback Mountain-inspired music video. The video also has a football game with players wearing hot pink uniforms, Lil Nas donning a magnificent bridal gown, and a surprise appearance by Billy Porter from Pose in addition to Lil Nas X appearing to fall from the sky like a meteor.

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 7


“Sun Goes Down”—possibly his most intimate song to date—shows Lil Nas’s younger self struggling with his complexion, his homosexuality, and loneliness. The song’s single verse finishes with him taking a “leap of faith” and discovering happiness as a result of his 2019 coming out, despite the chorus recalling previous suicide thoughts.
The song’s title was explained by Lil Nas X in a tweet. Because he believed that at night is when those ideas you try to avoid truly start to hit and you can’t escape them, he gave the song the name “sun goes down.”

Our hearts have been won over by “Sun Goes Downbeautiful “‘s guitar melody, tranquil voice, and carefully arranged percussion beat in addition to the song’s emotional theme (and how easy it is to cry to). It almost has an indie sound and is intended for casual listening. Can we also discuss the heartfelt and adorable music video? That Lil Nas’ story had a happy ending makes us very glad.

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 8

No.2 – “INDUSTRY BABY (feat. Jack Harlow)”

This song and our #1 pick are both excellent Montero songs. The ideal music to play when you need a boost is “INDUSTRY BABY.” With its shrill marching band horns, powerful bass, and standout rhymes from Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow, it is nothing short of amazing. Oh, and did we also mention that it was produced by Kanye West?
The title of the loud song alludes to both performers overcoming challenges and gaining influence in the music industry. “INDUSTRY BABY” became famous for its risk-taking music video, which included a dance sequence in a jailhouse shower, Jack Harlow having sex with a jailhouse guard, and Lil Nas X escaping from jail like he’s in The Shawshank Redemption.

Additionally, “INDUSTRY BABY” just performed at the 2021 VMAs, mesmerizing the crowd with its vivacious dancing skills, hot pink costumes, and live marching band. This should be taken by the victors!

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 9

No.1 – “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)”

When Lil Nas X released the music video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” earlier this year, it appeared as though the entire music industry trembled. After all, lap dancing Satan and pole dancing your way down to hell are really important things to accomplish.
The sensual song “MONTERO” is about Lil Nas X’s wish to stop playing the field with his love interest and start addressing her by her first name. However, “MONTERO” is much more than just a deftly created CGI music video. Almost everyone has experienced falling madly in love. There is no doubt that this music will endure.
The composition of “MONTERO” combines flamenco tones, handclaps, relaxing guitar strums, psychedelic voice transitions, and electropop trap. The song’s straightforward lyrics draw comparisons between biblical tales and Andre Aciman’s homosexual romance novel Call Me By Your Name, making it both a dance song and a song for analysis. A literary club anthem, that is!
The name “MONTERO,” as a final point, is interesting. Montero Lamar Hill is Lil Nas X in real life. The song’s title, which is his name, could be read as a declaration of pride in who he is. After all, Lil Nas X declared he would be releasing his debut studio album as soon as this song was out. The rest is now in the past!

Top 10 Lil Nas X Songs 10


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