10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Films

10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Films (4)

Following his comeback in No Way Home, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man has experienced a surge in popularity. In fact, supporters are requesting a third Garfield-Spidey movie. The Amazing Spider-Man movies are polarizing among fans, but given the tension behind the scenes, it’s amazing they’re still this excellent. Here, we give you the low-down on the 10 things about these two “middle-brother” movies that you didn’t know.

No.1  TASM3 would have brought George Stacy back to life.

Denis Leary stated that he enjoyed working on the The Amazing Spider-Man films and that he had great relationships with Marc Webb, Andrew Garfield, and Emma Stone. Imagine his sorrow when the planned third film was shelved as a result of TASM2’s dismal results. However, Leary gave us a sneak peek of what to anticipate in TASM3: more Denis Leary! In an IGN interview from the 2015 Comic-Con, the comedian-actor asserted that Spider-Man will utilize a “formula” to “regenerate the folks in his life that have perished.”

No.2  ASM2 was going to include Mary Jane.

10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Films (1)
10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Films

Let’s face it, Tiger, you didn’t win the lotto this time. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was going to feature Mary Jane Watson in a behind-the-scenes role. A Fault in Our Stars and Divergent actress Shailene Woodley was actually cast and filmed for several scenes. But Marc Webb and his crew cut her moments in the editing suite. Shailene is a terrific actress, and she had a great couple days of work, but it was really tough to introduce someone as a rival love interest when so much is on the table with Peter and Gwen, according to Webb in a 2014 Los Angeles Times interview. This might end up being a benefit in disguise given how densely packed the movie is.

No.3  Skateboarding sequences are the work of Andrew Garfield.

In a 2012 interview with The Daily Mirror, Andrew Garfield acknowledged that he “fought” to get certain scenes into the first TASM film. One of them is the Peter Parker and the skateboarding scene. You are only capable of so much, Garfield responds, “At least I fought. I won a lot of the battles and lost a handful. Everything I had was given. You are only capable of so much.” Garfield previously admitted in November that he would frequently engage in heated arguments with Sony Co-Chairwoman Amy Pascal regarding the film’s artistic decisions, so it would be reasonable to assume that’s what he’s referring to here.

No.4  For Spiderman movements, Andrew Garfield studied well-known athletes and spiders.

Andrew Garfield is not a secret lover of the Spider-Man character. He was very interested in capturing the movement and mood of the character. Garfield studied the movements of famous athletes like Muhammad Ali and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, because he is Spider-Man, he did also study spider behavior. Garfield inquires, “Why not really bring in the physicality of a spider? ” in a 2012 NPR interview. If you’re going to do that and treat it like it’s real, if the DNA of a real spider is being mixed with mine. The lightness, patience, and tranquillity have an impact on a 17-year-old man. That is also fun to play with.

No.5  Why Curt Connors’ supporters are disappointed

The Amazing Spider-Man provided our first live-action representation of Dr. Curt Connors, a.k.a. The Lizard. Let’s be brutally honest, though: He’s a forgettable villain. In fact, the actor who played him, Rhys Ifans, wasn’t happy with the result. He said the following to TotalFilm:

As I was reading that, I recalled searching for The Lizard online and discovering a cartoon in which Dr. Curt Connors goes home and toys about with being The Lizard. He carries his work home with him and consumes his children. I recall thinking, “That’s the movie I want to be in,” not because Dr. Curt Connors was eating his kids but more because the movie was exploring what it could be about. Obviously, that couldn’t be the case. Nothing you are taught or promised at the outset of those kinds of franchises will ever match what you see on screen.

No.6  Kevin Feige provided advice to the ASM2 filmmakers

10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Films (2)
10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Films 

Whether you love or hate the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you can’t deny Kevin Feige’s passion for it (and many people do). Maybe these notes he took while working on Sony’s terrible Amazing Spider-Man 2 would convince you if his continued work isn’t proof enough for you. The MCU creator was extremely critical of the Andrew Garfield-starring Spider-sequel (join the club, Kev!) as revealed in the hacked Sony emails, and he provided the filmmakers a number of suggestions on how they could improve the film.

Feige argued that the emphasis on Peter’s father’s “super-scientist” background undermines the idea that Peter is an ordinary young guy from Queens. He criticized the several stories as well as Paul Giamatti’s exaggerated acting as Rhino. Sadly, Sony disregarded Feige’s advice, which led to the subpar TASM movies starring Andrew Garfield.

No.7  Sally Field detested producing movies.

Sally Field has held a number of notable posts over the years. Her behind-the-scenes memories of Aunt May from the The Amazing Spider-Man movies aren’t something she especially enjoys either. Field admitted in an interview with Howard Stern that she only agreed to play May as a favor for the movie’s producer, Laura Ziskin, with whom she was close. Wow, Sally, tell us how you really feel! “It’s really difficult to find a three dimensional character in it, and you push it as far as you can, but you can’t fit ten pounds of s**t in a five pound bag,” Sally Field stated behind the scenes.

No.8  Sony thought of having Peter be a college student.

Andrew Garfield, who is now 26 years old, was selected to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. However, a lot of people were concerned about the British actor’s age since they thought he was too old to play a high school kid. According to rumors, Sony was one of them and contemplated, at least temporarily, sending Peter to college. TASM did depict Peter attending high school, despite the fact that Amazing Spider-Man was usually billed as “Spider-Man in high school” (and Andrew Garfield’s youthful appearance made him a credible teen anyhow).

No.9  “Ultimate Spider-Man” served as an inspiration for the Spider-Man artists.

The Spider-Man run by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley was a significant inspiration for Amazing Spider-Man. In a 2012 interview with Assignment X, senior VFX supervisor Jerome Chen claimed that the VFX team took aesthetic cues from this well-known comic run. Mark Bagley’s artwork served as a major inspiration for the movie’s climactic swinging action. “We went with the more current artists and tried to pick out poses that would transcend to the next stance without it looking too much like keyframe animation,” explains Chen.

No.10  Stan Lee and Marc Webb talked about the Web-Shooters.

10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man Films (3)
10 Best Fun Facts About Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man Films

Marc Webb, who directed The Amazing Spider-Man, and Stan Lee talked about the web-shooters before Webb notably featured them in the finished movie. The director states, “I was fascinated by the embodiment of them [since] of course in the prior films [they moved away from them] and we wanted to restore ourselves,” in an interview with The Los Angeles Times from 2011. Webb believed that the shooters would “dramatize Peter’s brilliance” and make ASM stand out from Raimi’s trilogy.

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