10 Fun At-Home Family Weekend Activities

10 Fun At-Home Family Weekend Activities (1)

You don’t need to leave the house to have family fun. Want to have fun while staying at home? Check out these Interesting Family Weekend Activities that you can do at home.

Plan a Picnic

Prepare a standard picnic spread of sandwiches, fruit, and potato chips. If you’re enjoying your picnic on a lawn blanket or a patio table, put everything in a basket and move it there. The air your family breathes will be pure, and they’ll get more vitamin D!

Host a Four-Square Tournament

10 Fun At-Home Family Weekend Activities (2)
10 Fun At-Home Family Weekend Activities

With this outdoor exercise, the entire family is active! Four players are needed, as well as a large rubber ball. Draw a square 12 feet by 12 feet on your driveway. Each of the four squares should have one player standing there (A, B, C, and D). Prior to being batted with open hands into a different square, the ball initially bounces in the player in square A. That player must swing the ball into an additional square. The players behind them advance, and the game resumes if a player misses or smacks the ball out of bounds.

Build a Garden Labyrinth

Create a trail in your garden using stones, twigs, or long grass. Simple patterns can be found online or in books. Children in particular will love following the twists of your work.

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Scavenger hunts are so much fun for kids! The garden can be filled with tiny gems and jewels from the dollar shop, and parents can then draw a map with directions for the kids. (For an old effect, let some coffee soak into the map to brown it with age; while the paper is wet, rip it around the edges). Better yet, hide the map somewhere in the home and let the kids find it when you make the bed or put the toys away.

Get Cooking

Don’t forget about indoor family activities for chilly or rainy days. One idea is to cook or bake together. Kids really enjoy making pizza, biscuits, and pie crust because they can squeeze the dough with their fingers. After the baking is complete, unwind while enjoying a snack and cold beverage.

Check Out the Stars

To start this fun family activity, grab a star chart from the internet. After that, step outside to notice how the night sky varies every day. Choose a spot in your yard where you can get a good view of the heavens. Also, getting some fresh air before to putting your kid to bed may help with sleep!

Do Magic Tricks

For a fun family activity, look for magic tricks on YouTube and do a show for small children. It is possible to teach an older child some talents that they can do in front of the entire family.

Play Capture the Flag

10 Fun At-Home Family Weekend Activities (4)
10 Fun At-Home Family Weekend Activities 

You’ll require six or more people in addition to two pieces of colored fabric that have been cut into flags (one for each player). Divide your yard into two adjacent courts that are each about 12 by 12 feet in size using flour as the outline.

Split into two teams, and place a flag on the back line of your court for each team. Players sprint to the opposing side of the field from their flag line in an effort to steal a flag from the opposing team. A player who is tagged is out and must stand behind the line of flags set up by the opposing side. They are safe and can go back to their court if they manage to capture a flag. The team that first takes control of every flag from the opposition’s side wins.

Have a Taste Test

Choose a cuisine like Thai or Brazilian that your kids have never had before. Find the country on a map or globe, then read a quick article about it in the encyclopedia or an online introduction to its culture. Prepare a national dish from that country, such Pad Thai or coxinhas from Brazil, for lunch or dinner (chicken croquettes).

Go Camping Inside

Want to experience nature without leaving your house? You can set up a temporary setting in your living room! Build tents or blanket forts, share tales around a “fire” (candles or a lantern), and enjoy s’mores and hot dogs.

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